Land Surveying Equipment

Land surveying helps us ensure order in the physical world. Surveyors aid in the development of land from planning to designing subdivisions until the final construction of roads and landscaping. Before any construction begins, surveyors are the first on site to measure and map the land. These are the measurements architects will use when designing and what the engineers will use to pan the infrastructure. For surveyors to do their work well, they need the proper equipment. There are various things one needs to look at when getting land surveying equipment.

The most common equipment used during surveying are theodolite, 3D scanners, GPS and measuring tape. Theodolite is an instrument used to measure angles. When measuring short distances surveyors use the measuring tapes. The GPS used in surveying is different from our everyday has two receivers placed in a position for some time, and during this length of time, the receiver is able to compare measurements as the satellites orbit. Land surveyors use GPS and 3D scanners and other software so as to increase their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Read about  AGS Trimble R10.

The cost of the equipment is one of the most important things to consider. This is something that needs to be calculated before work starts as the price is not only for the equipment but also includes the ongoing operating costs and the data processing costs. All these need to be factored in during the planning stage.

The next important thing is the ease of use of the equipment. Most of this equipment requires that specialists operate them, but even so, there can be a few issues with them. When getting the equipment, it is important to ensure that using them is as easy as possible or take time to train the personnel on how to operate it.

Land surveying depends on a lot o accuracy. Accurate figures cannot be arrived at if the equipment is faulty. It is therefore important for the surveyors to ensure that the equipment they have is as accurate as possible. Although there are some errors in accuracy, there is software that reduces this significantly. Explore more at

Ensure that your equipment is waterproof. This will make it versatile as you can use it in the rain or even on a boat or kayak. The equipment needs to have enough storage for the data collected and store the maps you will need while in the field.